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How it works

At YEDA Connect, we cherish exclusivity and value quality over quantity, which is why we set certain standards for our members. How do you make your entrance into YEDA Connect so you can join our events?

Step 1.


We would like to get to know you!

What sets you apart? Share your passions and interests with us. By filling out our admission form, you provide a glimpse into your world. Don't worry, this isn't a job interview - it's a chance for us to understand who you are and what drives you. However, we aim for more than just superficial answers and seek a sincere reflection of your true self.

Step 2.

Upon receiving your application, our team takes the time to carefully review each submission. We aim to create a diverse and dynamic group that contributes to an enriched experience for everyone. This process may take some time, so we ask for your patience. We greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and interest and promise to get back to you as soon as possible with an update on your application status. 



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