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W h y  Y e d a ?

It remains a challenge to meet singles who are also genuinely open to a real connection, especially with the busyness of everyday life. We are ambitious, there are groceries to be done, we make more time for self-care, and not to forget the social obligations.


The well-known places no longer seem to offer that magic you hope for, and the nightlife seems to be overtaken by a young crowd. Or are we getting older? ;-) For many of us, the idea of online dating is far removed from what we truly seek in a partner. Because let's face it, isn't it true that within 10 seconds you can feel whether someone has the potential to become your beloved?

If you long for an alternative to the superficiality and uncertainty of the modern dating landscape, then you probably understand our vision behind YEDA Connect. A place where you know everyone is single and present with the same goal: enjoy good food, drinks & music and to establish authentic connections and maybe even find that special one!

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